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Anglia Ruskin University

ANGLIA RUSKIN UNIVERSITY is one of the largest universities in the UK with a student population of over 30,000. Alongside our traditional undergraduate and postgraduate degrees we run a range of professional qualifications and are a large provider of part-time education. We have a number of campuses across the East of England including Cambridge and Chelmsford.

In August 2008 a joint venture between Anglia Ruskin University and Peterborough Regional College was formally established to create University Centre Peterborough. The aim of the joint venture was to develop and deliver high quality university education for Peterborough and its surrounding region. University Centre Peterborough represents the single most important development in higher education in Peterborough's history and is core to the City's economic strategy.

Anglia Ruskin’s involvement would be through the Global Sustainability Institute (GS). The GSI’s research is focused around personal motivations and systems change set against the challenges of sustainability. Our core research question is how does the system influence the individual and how does the individual influence the system? The 'system' in this case includes our political, financial, industrial and social frameworks that are the 'cause' of the challenges we face - whether they be environmental challenges such as climate change, natural capital challenges such as resource limits or social challenges such as local and global inequity.

The tasks of Anglia Ruskin would be to work with the Peterborough regional partnership in delivering the following:

  • WP2. Analysis and integration of research agendas of actors in regional clusters, analysis of the regional clusters, elaboration of regional Research agendas, identification of technology offer and demand in the regions
  • WP4. Measures towards the implementation of a Joint Action Plan including staff exchanges, workshops.
  • WP5. International measures to boost the competitiveness of the regional research-driven clusters Plan.
  • WP6. Support activities relating to mentoring of regions to support the setting up and development of research-driven clusters.

Cambridge Campus, East Road, Cambridge CB1 1PT, United Kingdom